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Do not be misunderstood by the name Here we don't talk about sex a lot. It's all started from FIDO newsgroup and that was the only name we could get from FIDO coordinator.

Here you can always find out something new about life in Russia and in Internet. Pages are updated at least once a week. Include this URL into NetMind service and you'll be updated as soon as something changes on these pages.

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What it is about? | First Russian gay book by Shahidzhanyan 
It feels so good Masha...Tales from our newsgroup
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Gaytown | Rainbow News
Oy, tsvetet kalina... | AIDS is not sleeping | Russian GAY Magazines
100 biographies of gays and lesbians | Russian Gay Pages

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What it is about?

All of a sudden you realize you are not the same as others. Why? How come? What will it lead to? Who can I talk to about this? Ask and get answers to simple, but yet, so complicated questions like these: Why does it exist? How to behave amongst a group of people and how to communicate with each other? Kill it off inside you or... Tell or not tell your relatives? How to meet people and how to love? What to do when you are no loved anymore? And finally, how to suppress your sexual desires and whether you should. When you want it... but with whom, where, and how, and...

And that's tough, if only I could find somebody like me, to know that they can understand, support, and sympathize with me. To give me advise but wont laugh at my simple, yet complicated questions. Maybe it can become a club that has a pleasant aura of support and understanding; maybe it will became a place where everybody will find something for themselves.

We all need to support each other. We are considered a minority, but any minority survives if it sticks together. We are here to help you with that. My friends and I, that have and are still contributing to these pages, are here for you.

Yours, Ed Mishin

Frequently Asked Questions

Rainbow News

Rainbow means "gay" in English and "pleasant" in Russian. This page will weekly inform you about gay news, good or bad, from Russia and all over the world. This rubric is updated weekly.

First Russian gay book by Shahidzhanyan

Vladimir V. Shahidzhanyan is a journalist, psychologist and professor of Moscow State University has been researching the problems of intimacy for twenty years. He has written many books where he writes about himself: I'm 57 years old, have 2 kids, and a grandchild, I have seen a lot, have heard even more and concluded that people need some guidance in order to understand themselves, and without solving sexual problems, it's very vague. Working on my books I'm planning on consulting with a lot of specialists such as psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists, sexologist, lawyers, teachers, and, art critics. I'll gladly accept any help from any person that would consider helping me with my work on "I+I"

I want to help people like that to understand themselves, without judging their sexual orientation. Every person has it's on way to their inner I, and if they don't find that way, their life stops happing any meaning to it. By better understanding ourselves, we start understanding others.

Russia is known for not having any books about homosexuality and this one would be the first one of its kind.

On these pages you can find the following resources:

It feels so good Masha...

Masha or Misha (male and female names in Russia) -- bisexual people don't care. Feels good, but not really. Gays don't accept them as "their kind', don't agree with the policy of "pleasing both'. Straight people don't see the difference between bisexuality and homosexuality as well. And when it comes to literature, Russian hardly has any.

On these pages you can find these and other postings:

GAY Cinema

Our regular writer Nils shares his feelings about "gay" movies he has seen. Those movies are not Russian and well-known:

Every 2 weeks he reviews a movie. Not only you can find humorous reviews, but screen shots also.

Tales from our newsgroup

"Tales" - Littleboy asked me surprisingly. "They are not tales, they are real stories. However, name them anyway you want. I don't have less adventures because of that. "LittleBoy" and "Nils" are two regular writers to our newsgroup, who always find themselves in just another gay adventure.


There is a known stereotype: gays are good cooks. Unfortunately it's not true.

Most of gays are as helpless when in comes to cooking as straights. That's why this column we're going to devote to recipes, which are easy to make. In other words, we are going to explain them step by step.

Soon you'll see not just ordinary recipes, but "erotic" ones as well. For example, something like phallus, "historical" (what did world famous gays like to eat) and stimulating drinks mostly.

Looking for a friend

"Looking for a friend ", "looking for a partner", "looking for somebody from Novosibirsk", "32/43/23 -- reply" -- examples of ordinary postings. Many of us are in need of friends, socializing, especially strictly about same sex relationships. However, we would prefer to have postings of all kinds, not only "looking for a sexual partner". May be somebody would just like to share their life story with, brag about their web page, or just would like to trade books or video tapes, or anything else. Ads can be published in Russian only.

AIDS is not sleeping

We tend to believe that AIDS is a foreign disease, which doesn't include our country, especially ourselves. But the number of infected people in our country is growing rapidly. Those, who are familiar with math wouldn't argue that the jump from 10,000 people to a million could be reached in less than a 2-3 year period. Meanwhile our indifferent attitude towards AIDS is speeding this process up. Soon we'll catch up with America. Almost every person has a friend or just knows somebody who is HIV positive or had died from AIDS. This column will discuss the HIV virus in Russia.

Russian GAY Magazines

Rapidly growing rubric. Now has text of Argo and Risk magazines. Argo is a sort of entertainment magazine and Risk is for serious reading includes poetry, cultural stuff.

Homo and Phobia

Where the "Homo" is, the "Phobia" will follow, and vice verse, where the Phobia is, there, most likely the "Homo' will reside. The level of homophobia in Russia is sky high.

In this column you will find:


Here we are placing all the rest of funny and amusing things that don't fit anywhere else. If you have any 'gay' jokes -- write us to our address indicated at Most of the jokes, unfortunately, are not translatable into English.


Interesting quotes about homosexuality

RU.SEX.GAY newsgroup archive (first 1001 messages) - this is the name of the first electronic conference in Russia, about homosexuality. You can find it on NNTP-server under the name (russian only). Here you can find first 1001 postings

"Oy, tsvetet kalina..." (Snowball tree in bloom...)

This is the verse from one of the Russian folk songs that can be considered gay-compatible. In Russia you can easily distinguish male-songs and female songs. That's why it is fun to sing a famous song pretending it's about love between men.

It could be so wonderful to be able to sing sentimental songs among the group of close friends.

100 biographies of gays and lesbians

In his book Paul Russell gives very precise descriptions of a well-known writer Oscar Wild, who challenged the society and was put into Reddington prison; A story of a wonderful scientist that tried to understand the roots of homosexuality, who contributed a great deal of protecting homosexual people including worldwide famous sexologist Magnus Hirshfeld; also about Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, Alexander The Great (Makedonsky), Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Peter I. Tchaikovsky, one of the greatest mathematicians Alan Turing, and many other well known and infamous people who have left a great impression on the development of gay and lesbian culture.

Russian Gay Pages

Here you can find the list of Russian gay sites in Russian and in English. There are personal pages also.

Special thanks to Natalie Gamolsky and Mike E. Galasso for helped to translate this presentation

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