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If you are looking for a specific narrow topic, such as gays or lesbians in Russia, it can be not very easy to find information, especially in English. You start in the Internet, you come to our site, you browse our pages. You read extracts and reviews, you get interested and you want to know more, but the Internet has its limitations - only in exceptional cases full texts of books are accessible on-line. Where do you find more facts, more impressions, more information? We will try to assist you with this.

For your convenience we have compiled the complete list of English books that relate to the lesbian and gay life and culture in Russia. The list is divided them into several categories to facilitate and to enhance your search even further. All of the titles below can be purchased from Amazon, the biggest on-line book store in the Internet, a link from the title will bring you directly to the relevant page of Amazon. We hope that our thorough reviews and published extracts have helped you to decide which books you liked best or need most and Amazon will take care of the rest in just a few seconds.

If you can read Russian, our wide choice of lesbian and gay Russian titles will be also interesting for you. Feel free to explore it!

Please let us know if you come across (on Amazon or elsewhere) of any other printed matters that could be added to the list.

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